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I inherit immigrant Italian heritage through my mother,
British settler heritage through my father.
I speak English, Spanish, Catalan,
the latter two languages gathered thanks to a
serendipitous culmination of place, relationships and circumstances.

the work is deeply involved in traversing the future of the Anthropocene, with a sensitivity to place and landscape to unearth physical, contextual and ecological reciprocity. There is no escaping the wild, arid desert landscape surrounding Mparntwe (Alice Springs) - which I have inhabited since 2020 - and my work reflects this place in its temporal, physical and social specificities.

I challenge audiences not to sit in grief and apathy but to acknowledge and realise our co-existence (participation within) the more-than-human world brings immense responsibility to the ecological crises of our own making. I am fascinated with the human obsession for solidity and order, despite we are living, breathing and walking across a planet which has always been in constant shift beneath our feet.

The work activates industrial materials in experimental ways, revealing complex relationships through the delicate handling of these junk-like objects with radical care and tenderness. By bringing our bodies into relationship with object, we bestow a sense of preciousness - precious plastic, precious metal, precious rubbish - and see our fragility, our unbalance and our clumsiness reflected back at us.

Offering futures
of hope,
residing within dystopic shells.

As a performer and an emerging dramaturg, I experience the deep care, respect and critical discussion artists undertake on a daily basis, inspiring my own curiosity and dedication. As a facilitator, I am privileged to work with young people across so-called Australia, in schools, town camps, detention facilities and remote communities, and am constantly buoyed by the joy, intelligence and power our young people hold.

people and organisations
who support the work

Alongside countless generous collaborators, I attempt to make my practice more kindred to ecosystems, timescales, seasons and species. Some human supporters include:

GUTS Dance
Frankie Snowdon
Madeleiene Krenek
Tasdance / Assembly 197
Jenni Large
Anna Whitaker
Michael Smith
Pierce Eldridge
Metro Arts
Katina Olsen
Daniele Constance
Samakshi Sidhu


2021 -                 Performer, Body Body Commodity, choreographed by Jenni Large
2023 -                Performer, White Lies, choreographed by Katina Olsen.
2023 -                Performer, Authentic Amateurs, choreographed by Madeleine Krenek.
2022                   Performer,  Jurrungu Ngan-na (Straight Talk) w/ Marrugeku
2019 - 2021       Performer, Awesome: A state of wonder and fear,
                                        choreographed by Liesel Zink.
2020 - 2021       Performer, Dance: A short homage w/ GUTS Dance
2019 - 2020       Performer, The Perception Experiment w/ GUTS Dance
2017                    Performer, All We Need Is, created by Grace Euna Kim (Spain)
2016                    Performer, DUST w/ Companyia AGITART (Spain)
2016                    Performer, 16 Bars, choreographed by Jamaal Burkmaar Dance (UK).
2015                    Performer, Young Man! w/ Denada Dance Theatre (Spain)


2021 - ongoing      Choreographer. Looks Like A Tourist w/ Daniele Constance
2018 - ongoing      Choreographer. Alice Can Dance w/ GUTS Dance
2021                        Mentor, Rival Planes w/ Stompin
2013 - 2018            Founding member. AGITART & Festival Figueres es mou
2018 - 2021            Program Manager. Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance

2023                       Tour Manager, Value For Money, GUTS Dance AUS National Tour. 
2019 - 2021            Artists-On-Tour w/ Artback NT.
2019                        Movement Direction, Fact of Matter: William Forsythe @ GOMA.

2024            Studio1 Creative Residency.
                            Meanjin, Brisbane.
2024            Metro Arts Creative Residency Program.
                            Meanjin, Brisbane.
2024            Artist-in-Residence, ARTS NT Creative Residencies.
                            Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory.
2024            Project Seed, Red Hot Arts Central Australia.
                            Mparntwe, NT.
2023            The Unconformity Artist-in-residence program.
                            Queenstown, lutruwita.
2023            AIRIE Fellowship, Everglades National Park.
                            Miami, Florida (USA)
2022            Moving Forward Residency, Lucy Guerin Inc.
                            Naarm, VIC.
2022            Project Seed, Red Hot Arts Central Australia.
                            Mparntwe, NT.
2021            Judith Wright First Night Project
                            Meanjin, QLD.
2021            Metro Arts Creative Residency Program.
                            Meanjin, QLD.
2021            Spill (Your GUTS) Residency
                            Mparntwe, NT.
2020            Artist in Residence in the Tropics (A.R.T) Dancenorth.
                            Gurrumbilbarra, QLD.
2020            Metro Arts Creative Residency Program.
                            Meanjin, Brisbane.
2019            Four Walls Residency, Australasian Dance Collective.
                            Meanjin, Brisbane.
2019            Place2Play, Sunshine Coast Council.
                            Caloundra, QLD.


2016            Postgraduate in Production and Cultural Event Management.
                            Universitat de Barcelona, Spain.
2014            Postgraduate Diploma, VERVE. University of Kent.
                            Leeds, UK.
2012            Bachelor of Fine Arts, Dance Performance. QUT.
                            Meanjin, QLD

Living, working and making on the sovereign lands of the Arrernte people of Mparntwe/Alice Springs. I pay respects to all First Nations peoples and elders throughout time. I recognise and honour their unique connection to place, community and movement. Always was, always will be.