We are here to witness our failing paradise.

‘The scraping, brittle inflexibility of the blocks contrasted dramatically with the sinuous ease of the dancers’ bodies, even when still. Whether serpent or statue, the flesh with its subtle, supple, shifting, breathing, pulsing, sweating, dripping liveness suggested silk and marble and never the unyielding unresponsiveness of solid concrete.’ - Robert Jarman, Artshub

‘With evocative imagery, creative use of space and one of the best incorporation of the audience I’ve ever seen, it sets a high bar for other contemporary dance works to live up to.’
- Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

Suspended in time, vulnerable bodies navigate a forest of cement, imprinting brick to body. In this manufactured oasis, we observe the fragility of the human body beating alongside our persistence to conquer, outlive and survive in the face of crisis.

Landscapes shift, micro cityscapes rise and crumble, as audience and performers move through avalanches of decay, gritty transformations that reveal spaces for hope and action.

Care and burden. Weight and weightlessness. How do we care for what we have inherited?

With vivid choreography, Fertile Ground manipulates space, sound and a brutalist pile of concrete bricks in this ground-breaking participatory performance.

More info at www.fertileground.live


Launceston & nipaluna




Ashleigh Musk | Michael Smith
Choreography and Performance

Anna Whitaker
Sound Design and Performance

Jenni Large
Touring Performer

Liesel Zink

Daniele Constance
Access and Inclusion Consultant

Lauren Watson + Rachael Missingham
Access + Inclusion Consultants

Jessica Palfrey
Costume Design

Chloe Ogilvie
Lighting Design

Pierce Eldridge (Hero Image), Jade Ellis & Ivan Trigo Miras

Jorge Serra & Gabriel Comerford
Developed with the support of

Metro Arts
LGI at WXYZ Studios
HOTA, Home of the Arts
Ausdance QLD
Australasian Dance Collective

Fertile Ground  has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

Fertile Ground  was developed with Dancenorth in 2020, supported by LGI through a studio residency at WXYZ studios, HOTA, Home of the Art and through an Ausdance QLD and Australiasian Dance Collective Four Walls Residency and an Ausdance QLD Public Space and Participation Residency.

Living, working and making on the sovereign lands of the Arrernte people of Mparntwe/Alice Springs. I pay respects to all First Nations peoples and elders throughout time. I recognise and honour their unique connection to place, community and movement. Always was, always will be.